Photo Story: Legend of the Silk Cotton Tree

Silk Cotton Tree      vagrant

PHOTOS BY : Nadine Eversley (NativeFoto Contributor)

Above are the first two Photos uploaded to the NativeFoto Website by Amateur Photographer Nadine Eversley. The picture of a Silk Cotton Tree was taken in the sister island of Tobago, these trees are associated with a rich and foreboding folklore history in T&T. The second photo is that of a resting street dweller within Adam Smith Square, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Unfortunately, this is still not an uncommon site throughout much of our capital city of Port of Spain. Congrats to Nadine, we look forward following  the journey of your camera as you continue to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com .For those of us that love a good story behind a picture then the article below should make for interesting reading 🙂 Read more


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Upload and Win TT$1500 in additional Cash !! We at NativeFoto are giving our initial Contributors a small reward for uploading quality local images. On the 31st May we will award a cash prize of TT$1,500; to the Contributor that uploads to our website www.nativefoto.com the most memorable image. You must include a title, brief description/story, and keywords with your photo.  Of course judging art is highly subjective so lets think of it as a bit of creative fun 🙂

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