Photo Story: Tolerance and Trini Food :)

Black Cake Compressed  trinidad-doubles

callaloo  bake and shark

TOP LEFT PHOTO BY : Shameel Hosein – SOFTBOX Studios Ltd

WRITTEN BY : Derek Drayton  (NativeFoto – Founder)

NATIVEFOTO CONTRIBUTOR: Our Photographer highlighted in this POST is Shameel Hosein with his tempting image of a Traditional Black Cake. Within other POST in this BLOG Shameel demonstrates his skill within differing aspects of his craft beyond food photography. Let’s just say he’s as comfortable on the ground as he is in the air taking shots of building and Temples. We look forward to further images from Shameel to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com. Read on to hear me babble a bit on what could be a related topic 🙂 Read more


Photo Story: Tamana Cave, the crawly flyies !!

tamana cave openingtambats4jpgtamroaches3jpg

tamana2jpgtam6jpgTamana Stalactitetambat5jpg

PHOTOS BY : Courtney “Bush Man” Rooks (Adventurer/Naturalist/TV Host/Mg. Director Paria Springs)

WRITTEN BY : Derek Drayton (Founder – NativeFoto)

NATIVEFOTO CONTRIBUTOR: Our highlighted Photo Contributor is none other than the “Bush Man” Courtenay Rooks with over 35 years in field experience studying nature.  Courtenay is recognized by National Geographic Adventure as on of the best Adventure Tour Operators on Earth!! Courtenay is also the host of the TV show  Earth Alert that follows Courtenay’s adventures throughout the Caribbean and world  from delving into bat infested caves to swimming through swamps and oceans or investigating jungles. We look forward to further images from the Bush Man to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com. Read on to hear me babble about my excursion with Courtenay  🙂 Read more


Photo Story: Sunset to Sunrise, Turtle Nightlife.

Leatherback Turtle  Beach Sunset

PHOTOS BY : Courtenay “Bush Man” Rooks (Adventurer / Managing Director – Paria Springs Tours)

The twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago sees numerous beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but no one is more deserving of a peaceful trek, along the gentle sunlit Grand Riviere coastline, than “Mama” Leatherback returning to the sea after an arduous night of nesting. Our NativeFoto Contributor “Bush Man” Courtney Rooks, a well known friend of nature, was on hand to capture a couple photo moments. We look forward to further images from Courtenay to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com . Read on if you’re not scared of catching  a little knowledge about our Leatherbacks 🙂 Read more


Photo Story: Trinidad’s Temple in the Sea



Temple in the Sea  shameel  hosein - TEMPLE BY THE SEA (2)

LEFT PHOTO BY: Nadine Eversley                                                     RIGHT PHOTO BY: Shameel Hosein – SOFTBOX Studios Ltd.

NATIVEFOTO CONTRIBUTORS: Here we have our amateur photographer Nadine delivering a classy Black and White photo of the famous Temple in the Sea. I still bet that Nadine would have loved to share a Helicopter ride with Shameel to experience what must have been a special view. We look forward to further images from our highlighted Contributors to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com. A good story can help us appreciate what we have captured and frozen, immune from erosion due to the elements of time. Trinidad’s Temple in the Sea is one such story that will not be washed away with the passing tide. Read on to understand why. Read more


Photo Story: Drones on T&T shorelines !!


VIDEO BY: Stefan Jones


Stefan is a renowned Director, Editor, Producer, Entreprenuer, and Philanthropist with over 14 years of experience in the film, commercial, advertising, music video, and infomercial industry. His expertise in the film business makes him a highly sought after consultant to clients and other production houses. He is also involved in lecturing at the Trinidad and Tobago Film School in all aspects of video production. We look forward to further videos and images from Stefan to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com. Read on for tips on Drone Photography.

Read more


Photo Story: Legend of the Silk Cotton Tree

Silk Cotton Tree      vagrant

PHOTOS BY : Nadine Eversley (NativeFoto Contributor)

Above are the first two Photos uploaded to the NativeFoto Website by Amateur Photographer Nadine Eversley. The picture of a Silk Cotton Tree was taken in the sister island of Tobago, these trees are associated with a rich and foreboding folklore history in T&T. The second photo is that of a resting street dweller within Adam Smith Square, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Unfortunately, this is still not an uncommon site throughout much of our capital city of Port of Spain. Congrats to Nadine, we look forward following  the journey of your camera as you continue to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com .For those of us that love a good story behind a picture then the article below should make for interesting reading 🙂 Read more


Win TT$ 1500 with your Best Image !!


Upload and Win TT$1500 in additional Cash !! We at NativeFoto are giving our initial Contributors a small reward for uploading quality local images. On the 31st May we will award a cash prize of TT$1,500; to the Contributor that uploads to our website www.nativefoto.com the most memorable image. You must include a title, brief description/story, and keywords with your photo.  Of course judging art is highly subjective so lets think of it as a bit of creative fun 🙂

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Invitation to Partner with NativeFoto

Above Photo By Contributor: Shawn Baldeosingh



NativeFoto Founder: Derek Drayton

Welcome to NativeFoto!!

You’re invited to be amongst a small group of trusted Contributors (Photographers) to join us at NativeFoto in the  Upload and Testing Phase leading to our full business launch.

What is NativeFoto?

The Caribbean’s first Royalty Free stock image website where you can find LOCAL (Native) Images and media content. We are dedicated to finding and delivering content that reflect the Country and Region that we call home. Contributors (Photographers) will be able to highlight and sell their works online and check their account status for pay-outs. Read more

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