Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NativeFoto website ( is within the testing phase, nevertheless, we have put together a list of likely questions for our Test Contributors and Users that should prove helpful.

How much will I earn as a NativeFoto contributor (photographer)?

Our photographers are our biggest asset, and we treat them accordingly! You always retain ownership of your images and have the ability to remove your images from our site if desired.

Your earnings, per download, are based on the customer’s selection of the size of the file that was downloaded. Contributors receive 50% of the equivalent US dollar price in your local currency less all cost of financial transfers. At NativeFoto we want to be true partners with our Local Contributors, as such, we offer the highest payout levels in the industry compared to many International Stock Image sites that generally offer payouts between 30%-40%.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how much you will earn with each type of purchase (all values in USD) :








up to 1000px on the largest side


USD   50.00


USD 25.00


up to 2400px on the largest side


USD   85.00


USD 42.50


up to 3800px on the largest side


USD 120.00


USD 60.00


the largest size available


USD 150.00


USD 75.00


All Sizes


USD   10.00


USD   5.00













NOTE: Contributor Payouts are made in Local Currencies at the prevailing Rate of Currency Exchange less all cost of financial transfers.


How big are NativeFoto images? Can I resize them?

Depending on the image and how it was created, we offer content in JPG format as well as vector illustrations in AI and EPS format. Each image detail page will tell you what is available, the dimensions in pixels or inches, and whether it’s best sized for print or web. (Pssst! Web can use smaller 72 dpi images.)

Sizing is as follows:

  • Small – up to 1000px on the largest side
  • Medium – up to 2400px on the largest side
  • Large – up to 3800px on the largest side
  • Extra Large – the largest size available.

All Nativefoto images can be resized using common image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (for vector illustrations). When in doubt, the largest size will offer you the most flexibility.

JPG files can be reduced, but lose sharpness when made larger. Vectors can be made larger or smaller without losing sharpness or quality.


What is the difference between a Editorial License and an Enhanced License?

See Table Below :


Usage Limitations

Editorial License

Enhanced License

Number of users



License duration



Number of countries you can use images



Website viewers



Copies of books, magazines, emails, advertising posters, and packaging

Not Allowed


News – Press, TV, Magazines, Digital Media

Unlimited for Editorial UIUsage


TV, online video, and film viewers

Not Allowed


Copies of software and apps

Not allowed


Copies of web or print templates

Not allowed


Copies of merchandise for sale

Not allowed



Can you contact the photographer and research a particular image for me?

Yes, we can contact the Photographer specifically in the event that you wish to Commission Work or would like further background information regarding the subject matter depicted in the images.

We provide detailed descriptions of each image on our site. All of our images are royalty-free and non-exclusive.


What is an editorial image?

Editorial images are images that have not been released for commercial use. We do not provide the service of researching and/or obtaining any needed additional releases. NativeFoto makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered or copyrighted designs or works of art depicted in any Image. You must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction of any image have been secured by you. Please review the license carefully.


What is stock photography?

Stock photography is existing photography that can be used for print and web ads, in books and magazines, in news, on websites, in brochures and packaging, and in a large number of custom applications, according to the licensing terms to which the photographer and buyer have agreed. Using an image that already exists saves the purchaser the time and expense of a custom photo shoot.


What browsers are compatible with the NativeFoto website?

NativeFoto is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Windows platforms.


Does my browser need to be able to accept cookies?

NativeFoto uses cookies to hold your username and/or password. No credit card or purchasing data is stored in the cookie. Also, no personal information is stored in any cookie.


I am registered and storing images in a lightbox — how long will the lightboxes be there?

Your images will remain in your lightbox until you delete them, even after your current subscription has expired.


What is a Lightbox?

A Lightbox is used to store a group of images that you would like to eventually download or share with a colleague. You can place images into a Lightbox, and then later download the images, or send the Lightbox link to a friend/colleague for them to review. You are not obligated to download images in your lightbox, and it’s entirely up to you how many lightboxes you have, or if you use the images later.


How do I add images to a Lightbox?

There are two ways. When you conduct an image search, the results are displayed as miniatures called thumbs. If you scroll over a thumb, you can add that image to your lightbox by clicking on the light bulb icon directly beneath the thumb. This will generate a dropdown box, prompting you to “add to lightbox.” If this is your first lightbox, you will choose “new,” and will be able to save the lightbox with whatever title you prefer. Thereafter, you may continue to add other images to that particular lightbox, or continue creating other lightboxes, depending on your needs.

The other way is to click on the image itself, which will bring up the image on your screen to full-size. You will see to the lower left of the image the same lightbulb icon and the words “add to lightbox.” Click on this and the same dropdown box will come up and simply repeat the process stated above.


How do I share a Lightbox with a colleague/friend?

Once you have created a lightbox, you have the option to email it to a third party. Just enter the email address and click ‘send.’ You can also share lightboxes with other NativeFoto users by clicking on the “share” button and entering the username of another NativeFoto subscriber.


Which currency do you charge in?

We charge either in USD, or in the official currency of your home country, if we support your currency.The actual conversion to your local currency is done by your credit card company at the moment of the purchase, based on our fixed USD price. Any charge beyond this conversion rate is a surcharge added by your credit card company for the conversion.


What is your refund policy?

At NativeFoto we’re so sure that you’re going to love your experience that we guarantee it! If you have purchased a NativeFoto image or video, and are unhappy with it for any reason, we will give you a full refund, provided that:

  • You have not previously received more than two (2) refunds from NativeFoto;
  • Your NativeFoto purchase was not part of a free trial period; or
  • you have breached any of the NativeFoto Terms of Service or any other agreement with NativeFoto.

Any refunds will be made to the same credit card or other payment method used to process your NativeFoto purchase.


What are Editorial images?

Editorial images are images that have not been released for commercial use. We do not provide the service of researching and/or obtaining any needed additional releases. NativeFoto makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered or copyrighted designs or works of art depicted in any Image. You must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction of any Image have been secured by you. Please review the license carefully.


Can I download the same image more than once?

NativeFoto does allow a re-download period. Re-downloads for Enhanced License plans will only be available for one week (168 hours) after the initial download of an image.


Does the image I download have a watermark on it?

Images downloaded with a purchased subscription will not be watermarked.


If I modify an image, can I claim copyright to that image?

You may modify an image and use it; however, you may not claim copyright to that image. NativeFoto and/or its suppliers continue to own all images, whether or not they have been modified.


What is a derivative work?

A “derivative work” is a work that is based on (or derived from) one or more already existing works, is copyrightable if it includes what the copyright law calls an “original work of authorship.” Derivative works, also known as “new versions,” include such works as translations, musical arrangements, dramatizations, fictionalizations, art reproductions, and condensations. Any work in which the editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications represent, as a whole, an original work of authorship is a “derivative work” or “new version.”


Can I use images that I download in work-for-hire?

Yes. You can use any photo from NativeFoto for a customer/client project. Please indicate to your client that they do not own and do not have the rights to sell the individual images.


Where can I use NativeFoto images?

According to our Licensing terms you may use the photos in or on

  Web sites

  Multimedia presentations

  Displays for trade shows

  Billboards/banners

  Packaging/labels

  Broadcast video

  On business letterhead

  Brochures

  Business cards

  Office decoration

  Decoration for restaurants

  Public areas

  Decoration in stores

  And many other uses outlined in our Licensing Terms


Do your images have model releases?

Yes. In instances where photos have recognizable faces in them, those people have signed a model release which is on file in the NativeFoto offices. Some Editorial photos may not be model released. These Editorial photos will be indicated as such, directly on or below the photo.


Can I create an online gallery of your photos?

No. We maintain an online gallery, and users can be referred directly to our website. We suggest that you use a Lightbox for the purpose of grouping and sharing images.


What is a TIFF?

A TIFF is an uncompressed file format that is available only for our Enhanced License


What does ‘royalty-free’ mean?

“Royalty-free” is a type of a stock photo license that provides for the unlimited use of an image in any media defined in the licensing terms. “Royalty-free” is the opposite of “rights-managed.” A rights-managed image needs a specific license stating the audience and material surrounding the image. All the images on NativeFoto are royalty-free and do not require an individual license.


Can I sell the images that I download?

You may not sell the images that you download from NativeFoto. You can use them in design elements, but not offer them for resale or distribution.


Do you have any ‘rights-managed’ images?

No. All images from NativeFoto are royalty-free and subject to our Licencing Terms

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