Photo Story: Sunset to Sunrise, Turtle Nightlife.

Leatherback Turtle  Beach Sunset

PHOTOS BY : Courtenay “Bush Man” Rooks (Adventurer / Managing Director – Paria Springs Tours)

The twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago sees numerous beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but no one is more deserving of a peaceful trek, along the gentle sunlit Grand Riviere coastline, than “Mama” Leatherback returning to the sea after an arduous night of nesting. Our NativeFoto Contributor “Bush Man” Courtney Rooks, a well known friend of nature, was on hand to capture a couple photo moments. We look forward to further images from Courtenay to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com . Read on if you’re not scared of catching  a little knowledge about our Leatherbacks 🙂 Read more

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