Photo Story: Tamana Cave, the crawly flyies !!

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PHOTOS BY : Courtney “Bush Man” Rooks (Adventurer/Naturalist/TV Host/Mg. Director Paria Springs)

WRITTEN BY : Derek Drayton (Founder – NativeFoto)

NATIVEFOTO CONTRIBUTOR: Our highlighted Photo Contributor is none other than the “Bush Man” Courtenay Rooks with over 35 years in field experience studying nature.  Courtenay is recognized by National Geographic Adventure as on of the best Adventure Tour Operators on Earth!! Courtenay is also the host of the TV show  Earth Alert that follows Courtenay’s adventures throughout the Caribbean and world  from delving into bat infested caves to swimming through swamps and oceans or investigating jungles. We look forward to further images from the Bush Man to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com. Read on to hear me babble about my excursion with Courtenay  🙂 Read more


Photo Story: Sunset to Sunrise, Turtle Nightlife.

Leatherback Turtle  Beach Sunset

PHOTOS BY : Courtenay “Bush Man” Rooks (Adventurer / Managing Director – Paria Springs Tours)

The twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago sees numerous beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but no one is more deserving of a peaceful trek, along the gentle sunlit Grand Riviere coastline, than “Mama” Leatherback returning to the sea after an arduous night of nesting. Our NativeFoto Contributor “Bush Man” Courtney Rooks, a well known friend of nature, was on hand to capture a couple photo moments. We look forward to further images from Courtenay to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com . Read on if you’re not scared of catching  a little knowledge about our Leatherbacks 🙂 Read more

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