Photo Story: Tolerance and Trini Food :)

Black Cake Compressed  trinidad-doubles

callaloo  bake and shark

TOP LEFT PHOTO BY : Shameel Hosein – SOFTBOX Studios Ltd

WRITTEN BY : Derek Drayton  (NativeFoto – Founder)

NATIVEFOTO CONTRIBUTOR: Our Photographer highlighted in this POST is Shameel Hosein with his tempting image of a Traditional Black Cake. Within other POST in this BLOG Shameel demonstrates his skill within differing aspects of his craft beyond food photography. Let’s just say he’s as comfortable on the ground as he is in the air taking shots of building and Temples. We look forward to further images from Shameel to add to our Local Stock Image database at NativeFoto.com. Read on to hear me babble a bit on what could be a related topic 🙂 Read more

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